Curriculum – 4 Year Old Program

Curriculum — Four Year Old Program

    The goal of a developmentally appropriate program for four year old children is to provide experiences to meet the four year olds needs and stimulate learning in the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual areas of development. Each child is viewed as unique, possessing an individual pattern and timing of growth and development. Activities are planned to allow children to interact in an environment that provides positive learning experiences and fosters a positive self-concept. An environment is created in which children learn through active exploration and interaction with materials, adults, and other children, recognizing that the most meaningful learning experiences are those which allow active participation.

Teachers use positive guidance techniques to facilitate development of self-control by setting clear limits, redirecting to more acceptable activities, encouraging expected behavior, and modeling. Expectations of behavior are set to respect children’s developing capabilities. By providing a routine, children are secure with the planned activities, insuring their safety and happiness.

Outdoor activities are planned daily for children to use large and small muscle skills by running, jumping, and balancing. This also allows them the opportunity to express themselves freely and loudly as they explore the outdoor environment.

Teachers accept that there are sometimes more than one right answer. We recognize that children learn best from self-directed problem solving and experimentation. Activities to help develop language and literacy include listening to and reading stories and poems, taking field trips, dictating stories, seeing print in classroom charts, participating in dramatic play and similar experiences requiring communication. Four year olds enjoy talking with other children and experimenting with writing, and developing their own spelling.
Cognitive development is facilitated by allowing children to develop understanding of concepts about themselves, other and the world around them by observation, interaction with real people and objects, and seeking solutions to concrete problems. Math, Science, Social Studies, and Health concepts are best learned through meaningful integrated activities such as:
*Building with blocks.
*Measuring flour, water, ect. for cooking.
*Observing environmental changes.
*Experimenting with musical instruments.
*Sorting objects for purpose.
*Exploring plants, animals, and water.
*Singing and listening to music.
*Drawing, painting, and working with play dough

Self-selective time will be provided each day. Children will be allowed to choose from activities located in the various centers available in the classroom. Manipulative allow opportunity from small motor development and reinforce reasoning skills. Art media are available on low shelves for creative expression and exploration, and blocks and dramatic play centers for socialization and role play. A quiet corner will be provided for children who feel the need to separate and regroup. Books will be available and read upon request. A classroom computer with age-appropriate software is available and encouraged for use by the teachers.  Most of the software created for preschoolers help them gain computer confidence, plus discover the alphabet, numbers and phonics sounds.

The classroom is a place to engage your child’s mind and excite their curiosity. It is the goal of this preschool to provide experiences that do just that, by using your child’s natural curiosity and desire to understand their world to motivate them to become involved in learning activities