Child-Centered Goals


1. Helping to make your child’s adjustment to school happy and wholesome.
2. Leading the child to appreciate the wonder of God’s creation and His love in sending Jesus Christ as our Savior.
3. Giving the child many opportunities to work and play cooperatively in a group.
4. Help the child feel a real sense of belonging and acceptance.
5. Help the child to recognize colors and shapes, and number and letter concepts.
6. Help the child develop an ability to communicate effectively with teachers and classmates, and to understand and follow simple instructions.
7. Providing opportunities for observing and understanding the basic phenomena of weather and seasonal change.
8. Helping the child learn more about self and others through dramatic role play.
9. Providing opportunities for using art and craft materials, and develop an increasing appreciation of form, color, and texture.
10. Helping the child become aware that each person is worthy of God’s love and the love of other human beings.
11. Helping the child grow in personal responsibility for self and others.
12. Helping the child develop a health body and promote wellness through practice of good hygiene.
13. Enhancing the child’s physical development through opportunities to exercise both gross and find motor skills.