Caring and Calling Ministry

Calling and Caring Ministry

Our mission, in service to God, is to love and support our church family. “WE CARE.”

Everyone faces great or moderate stress in their lives…in illness, in the loss of a loved one, family relationships, work or school pressures, and each of us have individual problems. We try to be a friend to our church family that needs support. We strive to reach out and touch others with love, respect and sincerity. We want others to feel the presence of God and know that he loves them through our caring. We want to strengthen and support them.

We visit, phone and write notes to our homebound and nursing home friends. We send messages to our military members. We make other contacts as well.

We find that with every act of kindness we offer makes us stronger, deepens our own feelings and gives us a sense of community. As caring becomes a part of our lives, we find that compassion not only helps others, it enriches our own relationships.

We meet every month on the 2nd Tuesday, at 9:30 a.m. in Room 101. We would welcome you to join us and learn how you too, can be a supportive member of this ministry.


God Be With You.